“Sarah has done a great job with our golden retriever! Our golden “Nila” is like the “Energizer Bunny” and needs lots of exercise. Sarah has taken her for runs, and on “great adventures” to our local park, and beaches. “Nila” loves her time with Sarah!!! The best part for us, is that we have peace of mind knowing “Nila” is being well cared for, and having the time of her life. And a happy dog makes for a much calmer and better behaved “furry family member.””  — Tonya L.

“Thank you Sarah! My dogs have so much fun on their day-hikes with you. When I get home they seem more excited than usual, and they also tell me how much fun the trails are 😉Thanks again Sarah for your great service!!” —  Bill S. 

“Sarah is such a dependable person! We have known her for at least 10 years! She and her family have warmed our hearts with their kindness! I TOTALLY trust Sarah with our dog Riley. When we go on vacation and have Sarah take care of him, I NEVER have to worry about how Riley is doing because I know he is in the best care with Sarah!” — Lorri M.

“I love Paws and Go! My VERY active Australian Shepherd Beau LOVES Sarah and her dog Obi! While I’m toiling away at work, I have such peace of mind knowing my dog is having a blast frolicking in nature with his buddy Obi, and getting totally exhausted in the process. And Sarah sends me pictures of them running around in the wild! Sarah is great to work with, she’s very friendly, and clearly loves dogs. Beau gets to go with her twice a week, and every time I see Sarah come to the door, he couldn’t be wigglier or more excited to see her. Sarah is flexible, she picks Beau up from my house and drops him back there or at my office (he’s chill the whole rest of the day, which is hard to achieve with him!), and I just couldn’t be happier with the service. I highly HIGHLY recommend Paws and Go to anyone who wants their dog to play in the sun and have fun when they are at work or away :).” — Lauren S. (5-Star Yelp! Review)

“Paws & Go is truly a gem for dog owners in the Bay Area. Sarah and her dog Obi make a great team and are full of energy! My dog adores them both and is thrilled whenever he gets to go for a walk with Paws & Go. Sarah is always thoughtful about giving updates during their walks/hikes and even texts me cute pictures of my happy dog out in the park. She is trustworthy, sweet and loves dogs. What more could you want from someone spending time with your pet?!!!  Please contact Sarah at Paws & Go if you want your dog to have the best doggie companion in the Bay Area.” — Emily L. (5-Star Yelp! Review)

“In a business that can be full of odd characters and even odder referrals (“yeah, so, I found my dog-walker through Craigslist”), Paws and Go is an absolute relief. Sarah is a professional through and through who understands the unique needs of both dogs and their owners. She’s constantly posting real-time (or almost real-time) photos and videos on her Facebook page so while I’m stuck at my desk, I can see fantastic pictures of my dog running around and having a great time (how she gets such great photos with an iPhone is beyond me). It gives me a lot of peace of mind. Her dog Obi is an absolute gem and my dog, Buddy, looooooves him – they have a total bro-mance. Buddy comes back from every Paws and Go adventure tired and blissfully happy. I cannot recommend her enough!!” — Christina T. (5-Star Yelp! Review)

“You WILL NOT find a better walker than Sarah. She really loves what she does and it shows. She’s like the energizer bunny always out running with the dogs- all of which love her and she’s got the pictures to prove it! She’s trustworthy and one of the nicest people you’ll meet.” — Marian B. (5-Star Yelp! Review)

Paws & Go (Sarah Z) is seriously the best dog walker/ runner I have ever come across. I spend a lot of time at the dog park and have meet all the walkers in my area. I can confidently say that Paws & Go exponentially exceeds other walkers. Sarah is loving, kind, trust worthy and Willie (our 8 year old golden retriever) adores her. We receive pictures while she is with him. He loves the company that Obi brings to the outings and is learning how to break some of his old bad habits. Paws & Go is amazing, neither you or your pet will regret it. — Rick L. (5- Star Yelp! Review)

“Sarah at Paws & Go is absolutely the BEST.  She is sweet, honest, prompt, energetic and reliable.  Even better is that my dogs LOVE her!  You will not be disappointed!” — Claire A. (5-Star Yelp! Review)

“I’ve been looking for someone who could run my crazy high energy dog ever since I moved to Marin County 3.5 years ago and I’m ELATED to have finally found Sarah & her sweet pooch Obi. She works him hard which he desperately needs and he comes home tired, panting and super happy which makes me as his mama VERY happy! I initially hired Sarah when I went out of town for 2 wks and was blown away by how she stayed in touch w/ me via email – updating me and sharing about her awesome dynamic w/ my best furry friend. The text message pics were impressive and she gifted me with some printed photos this morning! We love her… and HIGHLY RECOMMEND Paws & Go!!!” — Bethanne W. (5-Star Yelp! Review)

“I have had Paws & Go (Sarah and Obi) taking my dog out on a hike/run every week for over two months and I am so very pleased! Not only is Sarah the best dog walker as she truly loves her job, her dog and other dogs but she is very responsible and dependable. My dog Lucy absolutely loves Sarah and her dog, Obi! Lucy has lost some of her chubby pounds with Sarah running her on hiking trails for an hour twice a week and I couldn’t be happier! My 9 year old dog is back to acting like a puppy again (without the bad puppy behaviors:)).
Sarah sends me photos and posts on Facebook of Lucy’s adventures so I can see what Lucy has been doing during the day! I always look forward to these amazing photos and sometimes get a little jealous of my dog:).
Sarah is very good about communicating when there are schedule changes, for example, she will be picking Lucy up earlier because of a very hot day. She makes sure to wipe Lucy down after a muddy hike and do a quick glance to check for obvious ticks.
The first time I met Sarah, I knew she was trustworthy and was totally in love with her job. Frankly, I think she has the best job in the world, hanging out with dogs and being outside all day!
I recommend Paws & Go to anyone with a dog or two or more:)! You will see changes in your dog and will be very happy with the service Sarah and Obi provide!” – Jennifer P. (5-Star Yelp! Review)

Make sure to check out Paws & Go’s Yelp! reviews, too!

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